Environmental Observer Asks the Environment Agency to Take Strict Action on PT. EUP

Environmental Observer Asks the Environment Agency to Take Strict Action on PT. EUP

Pontianak, insidepontianak.com – Director of Teraju Foundation, Agus Sutomo, urged the Environment Agency (DLH) to take firm action against PT. Energi Unggul Persada (EUP), due to a pipe leak that caused Crude Palm Oil to pollute the sea at Kijing International Port. This decisive action can be compensated for up to a criminal offense.

“The government must file a lawsuit against the environmental damage caused by the company,” said Agus Sutomo, Monday (31/1/2022)

A lawsuit against the company can be made based on the Regulation of the Minister of the Environment, Number 7 of 2014. The sanctions can be compensation or criminal sanctions. This environmental damage has had a negative impact on coastal marine biota, disrupting photosynthesis and respiration. including, rising sea surface temperatures and high levels of oil and grease.

For this reason, the impact of the leak must be measured. The Environment Agency cannot be silent. They have to measure the extent to which the spilled CPO contaminates the sea. What marine biota are affected, for example, there are coral reefs, sea cucumbers, and another biota that are affected.

“Well, this must be strong research by the government on the impact. So that the government can calculate the losses due to the impact of the CPO spill,” he said.

On the other hand, the government must also check the technology used by PT. EUP. Then, how to check the company’s SOP to anticipate this leak so that it doesn’t happen again.

“Not just waiting after a new event is reactive,” said Agus reminded.


Original Link: Pengamat Lingkungan Minta DLH Tindak Tegas PT. EUP

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