Flooded, Residents of Mega Permata 1 Sekadau, File a Complaint

Flooded, Residents of Mega Permata 1 Sekadau, File a Complaint

KBRN, Pontianak: 22 residents of Mega Permata 1 housing estate in Mungguk Village, Sekadau Hilir District, West Kalimantan filed a complaint with PT. Fedrico Jaya Sekadau (developer) and Bank Kalbar as credit facility providers. The reason is that from 2019 to 2021 there have been five floods that have submerged people’s homes. The worst was last October 2021. In addition, many of the physical buildings were damaged, but there was no effort from the developer to make repairs.

“These two problems then accumulated when the last flood occurred in November 2021,” said Geofani Loly Moron, one of the residents of Mega Pratama 1 when met in Pontianak, Thursday (3/2/2021) morning

Home Ownership Credit/KPR Mega Permata 1 managed by PT. Fedrico Jaya Sekadau is a subsidized housing type 36 that targets low-income people. Geofani and his family occupied a house unit in 2019. However, he has not paid the installments for four months, starting from November 2021 to January 2022.

The residents’ demands on the Developer are to compensate the debtors/citizens of KPR Mega Permata I who have built additional house buildings, both those that have been carried out and those that are currently in progress (for residents who refuse to continue the engagement with the Developer and Bank Kalbar.

Then the cancellation of the Credit Agreement Contract between the Debtor/KPR Mega Permata 1 residents and the Creditor/Bank Kalbar, including the return of the Down Payment (DP), Installment Money by Bank Kalbar in accordance with the amount paid by the Debtor to Creditors and Developers (for residents who refuse to pay). continue the engagement with the Developer and Bank Kalbar).

“If then these two things cannot be fulfilled, then we ask the bank to encourage the developer, we can be relocated so that we continue to credit, but the position of our house or residence is not in the same complex anymore,” said Geofani.

The efforts made by the residents then sent a letter of complaint to the Governor of West Kalimantan, the Chairman of the DPRD for West Kalimantan, the OJK for West Kalimantan and the Bank Indonesia Representative for West Kalimantan.

“Yes, until today there has been no answer from many parties,” explained Geofani.

RRI then asked for a response via Whatsapp to the staff of PT. Fedrico Jaya Kusuma Fina, S.E. Fina sent a photo of PT. Fedrico Jaya Sekadau for complaints from residents (30 people) Mega Permata 1:

PT. Fedrico Jaya Sekadau in building subsidized residential houses has complied with the rules set by the government, and has also pocketed the permits that have been issued by the government as a form that PT. Fedrico Jaya Sekadau obeys the law.
On December 8, 2020, it was agreed in the Discussion Results (Discussion Results are in the attachment to this Answer Letter), this is proof that PT. Fedrico Jaya Sekadau has approached and cared for flood victims, but keep in mind that flooding is a natural disaster, it cannot be the responsibility of PT. Fedrico Jaya Sekadau for the losses caused by natural disasters.
Regarding the cancellation/termination of credit, Fina said it was the domain of the credit implementing bank. RRI is still trying to get a response from Bank Kalbar.

Regarding the request for cancellation of housing loans by residents on the bank as a credit channel, legal practitioner, Nidia Candra, S.H. explaining that it can be done because it is an agreement, but usually there are consequences of the cancellation either from the bank or the developer, it can be in the form of non-refundable incoming money or other things specified in the credit agreement.

If it is not regulated, it cannot be blamed,” added Nidia via Whatsapp, Friday (4/2/2022) afternoon.

According to Nidia, the reason for force majeure can be done for cancellation in the event of a natural disaster that eliminates the object of the agreement. And that can be proven by photos and information from local officials.


Written by: Boyke Sinurat

Editor: Boyke Sinurat


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